Why Clario

We believe that the value we bring to the companies we invest in goes beyond just capital. We have the experience and skills necessary to help the founders develop their company and reach the next stage of growth. For some companies that means leveraging our team’s extensive knowledge of online marketing. For other companies we can help develop the product with our development teams based in China, US and Israel.

Sales and Marketing
Our investment team has extensive experience in online consumer marketing in the US. We apply this knowledge to help our portfolio companies take their technology to market and achieve rapid market penetration. Technology companies based in Israel or China benefit greatly from the local US market knowledge we provide.

Low Cost Development
Our Beijing office is able to leverage China’s highly skilled engineers to develop our portfolio companies’ technology at a fraction of the cost of similar development work in the US. In addition, our Beijing office is staffed with experienced product development executives that can manage the development process in China and ensure that the product needs of our portfolio companies are fully met.

Advanced Technology
Our Israel office leverages the technology and science advances coming from Israel. We apply these advances to real world problems in markets in the US and China. In addition, we bring Israel’s advanced R&D to our portfolio companies when we find a synergy that can be advantageous.